Arapaho II On DISK


This article describes the software database update.


Latest On-line Update:
July 12, 2004

Arapaho Software is constantly updating its databases for future software releases. You can receive the latest database update by downloading the file below.

Click the file below and save it to your hard drive.



1.  Save this self-unarchiving executable to your hard drive in the location where Arapaho 2000 is installed. 

By default, Arapaho 2000 installs to: c:\program files\arapaho software\arapaho 2000

If your software is installed in a different location on your computer, save this file to that location.

2.  Close Arapaho 2000 if it is in use.

3.  Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the file you just downloaded and double left-click on it.  The file will unarchive, placing two files into the directory.

4.  Double click on Updater.exe to run the update. A dialog box may open from which you can locate the applicable Arapaho files the updater needs in order to run.

5.  Depending on the speed of your processor, the update process could take up to 10 minutes or more to complete.  BE PATIENT!

Included in this database update are additions to the lodge issues listings and histories, mergers, consolidations and the creation of new lodges reflecting information added to the database since your edition of Arapaho 2000 was released.

Please send us your updates about new issues so we can add them to the database.

We continue to be gratified by the acceptance of Arapaho 2000 in the collecting community and pledge to continue to do our very best to make available the most complete, unbiased and accurate information possible.

Be sure to visit our Support area for the latest information and updates that may be available for Arapaho 2000.

In our Support Area a FAQ section addresses questions we've received that may be of interest to you.